Hi, my name is Nick Young. I am a web developer and have been doing web related work for the past 11 years. I have been a developer for much longer though. I originally started learning software development before I switched to web. So, in total I have been learning about development for the past ~18 years.

What Is This Site?

My idea for this site was to be a resource to other developers of all skill types as well as for myself! I often have to solve problems that require me to go through a lot of resources and piece the final answer together. Most of the posts on this site will just be my journey through that process and a final solution I was able to come through with a list of resources that helped along the way.

There won't necessarily be a specific focus on technologies on this site. It will just be whatever I am working with at the time really. I have to do a lot of work involving many different things from basic HTML to WordPress and from Shopify to WooCommerce. I am focused more on teaching the thought process behind being a developer and what that means, more than I am focused on sharing specific languages (although I do have my favorites).